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Materials Manager is responsibilities for all purchases, storage and
issue of all Food, Beverage, General Stores, Stored operating equipment (
and POMEC spare parts storage), and is directly responsible for the
physical control of all these items until properly issued to the various



responsible for the purchasing functions as outlined in the Corporate
Purchasing Manual. Exception being made for new procedures as outlined
in New Cost Control Manual, 6/80 issue.

b.Responsible for working
with Heads of Department and, management to set and maintain logical
stock levels for all items. Constantly monitors usage and market
conditions logically dictate.

c.Reviews Market Lists. Pays particular attention to discrepancies noted by the Receiving Clerk and/or concerned purveyors.

and signs all purchase request; either store or direct to department,
Management's approval for the purchase of all non inventory items.
Controller's approval for all charges to accounts in the 180 or 240
control groups plus all purchasing regardless of type which are over USS


a.Responsible for the proper storage
of aU Food, Beverage, General Stores, Operating Equipment (and POMEC)
items until these are issued on properly completed requisitions to the
various departments.

b.Makes certain all items (except direct
issues) go immediately into storage under the most optimum conditions
possible so as to a'oid spoilage, deterioration and pilferage.

c.Works with the General Manager to establish and enforce strict controls in all storage areas; advises of problems.

d.Makes certain that all storage areas are kept clean, tidy and that storage is in accordance with the local fire laws.

e.Makes certain all items are kept properly arranged on shelves and that they are appropriately tagged.

certain that aU storage areas are adequately secured v.ith strong locks
and that the key control procedure id well-enforced.


for ensuring that all issue are made against properly completed
Storeroom Requisitions as states in the Cost Control Manual such as
correct storing number, approved Department Head's signature, etc.

with Heads of Department and with the Manager to establish fair,
workable issue hours and see that the hours are enforced. Brings
exceptions to the attention of concerned Departments and/or Management.

closely with Heads of Department to establish logical issue units;
makes certain items are stored in these units for ease in issuing and
counting during inventories. Identifies the issue units in the store


a.Supervise the Head Store man, Store men/Helpers and the Purchasing Agent, Buyer, Driver and Secretary.

b.Carries out all personnel, payroll and other administrative tasks which concern staff, with the approval of the Manager.

for his staff to be sufficiently knowledgeable in their working
procedures so as to require a minimum of supervision. Also responsible
for training new staff.


a.Outlines problems encountered in purchasing, vendor relations, difficulties in issuing from stores, etc.

b.Follows up on slow-moving items to ensure action is taken for disposal.

Heads of Department posted on new products available on the market
which are of general interest; advises of discontinued products,
possible shortage, cost saving substitute.

d.Reviews the Calendar
of Capital Expenditure and reminds Heads of Department to concur with
scheduled purchases or to deliberately defer the purchases. Follows up
as required with a CEA procedure.

e.With management and Concerned
Head of Department establishes and coordinates completion of CEA and
presents to Controller and General Manager for approval.

f.Comments on his observations with regard to the misuse, mis-handling or neglect of operating equipment by hotel employees.


a.Every six months publishes new Store Catalogs, assigns new code numbers and updates catalog information.

b.Maintains logical stock levels to ensure supply availability to departments. economic inventory levels and turnover.

c.Carries out corporate Policy and Procedure.

Heads of Department posted on the status of pending purchases both
local & overseas, checks monthly Importation status issued by
General Purchasing NY.

e.With Management and Heads of Department
concerned establishes and coordinates completion of CEA and presents to
Controller and General Manager for approval.

f.Prepares a weekly CEA status to General Manager/Manager and Controller.

g.Distributes copies of prepared & approved CEAs to Heads of Department concerned.
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