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Bài gửiTiêu đề: INCOME & BUDGET CONTROLLER   21st December 2010, 9:54 pm



the general directions of Chief Accountant/Comptroller, and within the
limits of the established Hotel Property Policies & Procedure.
He/She is responsible for the Internal Audit of Revenue and Budget


1.Reports directly to Chief Accountant/Comptrol1er.

2.Provides functional assistance to al1 staff in Finance Department.

3.Interact with other hotel personnel as appropriate.

4.Supervises staff in Audit and Night Audit Section.


Audit the daily revenue figures, supporting folios and vouchers
submitted by the Night Auditor and the Food and Beverage Night Auditor.
This procedure includes balancing of all checks, vouchers and other
documents to be posted to the City Ledger.

2.To control the total postings and audit them for property.

3.To prepare the daily report of operations for submission to management.

4.To prepare daily bank reports

5.To verify the City Ledger checks with the supporting.

check up Night Clerk report (checking of rooms occupied, number of
guests, room rates, Airlines master bill and number of crews)

7.To ensure and verify the following :
b.Room rates
c.Crew rooms (Compare to crew list)
d.Housekeeper's report
e.Departure time & Day 10 day use room charge where applicable
f.Available rooms
h.Double occupancy
i.Average room rate
j.Room's other income
k.Room arrival and room departure
l.House use rooms

8.To check up paid bills and verity the following:
b.To calculate travel agent's commissions of paid bills.

9.To check up Food & Beverage sales & verity the following:
a.To check per outlet sales with machine closing
b.To check number of covers
c.To calculate excise and service charges
d.To check pastry sales with pastry requisitions

10.To maintain the serial sequence of the following:
a.Long distance vouchers
b.Telex/telegram vouchers
c.Laundry valet vouchers
d.Pool entry tickets
e.Guest' checks official! outlets

11.To control the vouchers with pre-numbered forms.

12.To verity and check the followings:
c.Transfer DR/CR. vouchers
d.Safe box cards.

13.To check Cashier's remittance of sales by way of preparing General Cashier summary.

14.To check night Auditor's D Card by way of preparing sales recapitulation.

15.To check list of checks with Cashier's summary and control the number of check list.

16.To check Banquet function sheets and banquet checks.

17.To check Guest' checks pricing with menus.

18.To check captain orders with checks.

19. To check Foreign Currency rate of Front Office cashiers with General Cashier’s

20.To check laundry/valet prices in the Laundry shop.

21.To check outside laundry.

22.To check cash float of all cashiers.

24.To check serial sequence of foreign Exchange vouchers and cash receipts, maintained by General Cashier on pre-numbered forms.

25.To check long distance and telex/telegram vouchers with cable and wireless bills.

26.To check void registration cards and ensure from registration book that registration cards used in numerical sequence.

27.To check Guest Ledger balance.

28.To check all cashier's counters once in a day.

29.To recommend personnel action.

30.To prepare comparative Statement showing Budgeted & Actual amount for holding weekly meeting.

31.To make comments for the variance in the comparative statement as mentioned above.

32.To conduct Budget meeting and give clarification on the variance between Budgeted and Actual amount.

33.Perform related duties and special project as assigned.
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