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 Financial Controller

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Financial Controller   21st December 2010, 10:00 pm

TITLE: Financial Controller
REPORTING LINE: Regional Director of Finance/General Manager

To provide management, leadership and accountability for the financial performance of the property.


Provide a professional, advisory and executive support service to the
General Manager to assist in meeting the strategic goals of the
• Prepare and submit reports that are concise, comprehensive, accurate and timely
• Evaluate the impact of business decisions where necessary.

Liaise with the General Manager regarding potential opportunities and
threats so as to be proactive in addressing changes in the hotel’s
• Practise effective balance sheet management and ensure reconciliation’s are completed monthly.
• Practise effective cash flow management and communicate all significant cash flows to the Owners on a regular basis.
• Manage, maintain and develop the Hotel’s data processing systems.
• Participate in the preparation of the Strategic Business and Operating Plans.

Assist in developing Department Heads so that they may take more
responsibility for forecasting their department’s operating and
financial performance.
• In conjunction with the General Manager, the
Financial Controller is responsible for compliance with Relevant
contractual and legal obligations Hotel Finance Policies.
• Manage
the preparation and presentation of all Hotel accounting. This includes
all financial reports, operating budgets, cash flows and financial
• Responsible for any financial requests/duties as may be requested from Regional, Divisional and Corporate Headquarters.
• Responsible for any financial requests as may be required by the Owner.

Contribute to the senior management group on long range strategies and
business plans. This includes supporting the financial goals of the
Hotel Executive Committee and Department Heads.
• Provide support and advice to the General Manger to meet bottom line objectives.
• Advice on strategies aimed at cost minimization and maximization of revenue opportunities.
• The General Manager is kept adequately informed on a timely basis of all potential soft/hard spots.
• Deviations of hotel policies and procedures are reported to the General Manager.
• Review and monitor internal controls within the Hotel.
• Conduct development and performance reviews, identifying key personnel for further development and structured career patching.

Implement and maintain training systems to ensure that associates have
the necessary framework and skills to perform their job efficiently and
• Prepare work schedules and annual leave schedules
within budget, business expectations and guidelines of the appropriate
industrial legislation.
• Oversee the selection and appointment of new associates within the department.
• Conduct regular staff meetings to keep all associates informed.
• Participate in the Hotel “Manager on Duty” program.
• Ensure compliance with legislated heath and safety requirements within the workplace.
• Implement opportunities for quality Team Building.
• Ensure that all associates comply with the grooming and uniform standards.
• Comply with all Corporate and Hotel Standards and Procedures.
• Promote by example the principles of “The Power of Service”.
• Actively promote a work environment which cares for guests and associates alike.

is not the intent of this job description to cover all aspects of the
position but to highlight the most important areas of responsibility.


Leadership skills
Management skills
Delegation skills
Organisational & time management skills
Keyboard/Computer skills
Analytical and numerical skills
Business acumen
Communication skills (written/verbal)
Legislation knowledge
Information systems knowledge
Tertiary Qualification
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Financial Controller
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