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 BARTENDER position

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the general guidance and supervision of Bar Manager and Assistant Bar
Manager, and within the limits of established corporate Policies,
Procedures and Food and Beverage Manual, responsible for dispensing the
finest quality beverages, courteously and efficiently in assigned Bar.

1.Reports directly to the Assistant Bar Manager or Bar Supervisor.

and cooperates in coordinating functions activities ,with other Food
and Beverage Outlets includes staffs as required.

3.Interacts with guests as appropriate.

4.Interacts with Housekeeping, Engineering, Laundry, Storeroom. Accounting, Cost Control and other Departments as requested.

and participates the day-to-day function of Bar operation. facilities,
sales. expenses, Beverage Cost and ensures the Required Standard of
Performance, Recipes and Par-stock are implemented and maintained.

and overall high-levels of professional beverage preparation and
service to guests and ensure that the guest satisfaction are met.

3.Complies with and ensures that the Hotels :
a.Health, Safety and Hygiene Policy.
b.House Rules and Regulations.
c.Personal Grooming and Appearance Standards are observed.

4.Ensures punctual attendance and adheres to duty schedules as directed by the Bar Manager or Supervisors.

5.Attends and participates in service briefing.

formal training held by Manpower or Outlets in regards to Food and
Beverage Service Quality Standard Expectation and Future Career

7.Informs, notifies supervisors and colleague of special request and or other related matters.

8.Handles guest complaints and refers them as necessary follow-up on corrective action.

checks, identifies assigned Bar needs for maintenance work order,
relays same to Bar Supervisors and ensures the accomplishment are

10.Ensures that all checks have been signed by guests and
that figures are correct before passing on to Cashier and all
administration of obtaining and delivering procedures are followed.

11.Ensures that all Bar areas are presentable and that all equipment is stored correctly.

12.Conducts all administrative work required, including but not limited to :
a.Sales Analysis Reports.
b.Attendance Record.
c.Log-book, Contact book.

13.Performed related duties and special project as assigned.
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BARTENDER position
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