Một con chim én không thể làm nên mùa xuân, mời các bạn chung tay đóng góp bài viết về Qui trình nghiệp vụ hoặc Bài viết chuyên môn, nhằm làm phong phú thêm kho tài liệu chuyên môn quản lý khách sạn. Xin đừng thụ động, đừng đứng ngoài lề, ai biết chuyên môn nào thì tham gia chuyên môn đó, có kinh nghiệm lĩnh vực nào thì tham gia lĩnh vực đó, không chuyên môn, không kinh nghiệm thì cùng online để ủng hộ Vietnam Hoteliers
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: LAUNDRY MANAGER   21st December 2010, 11:10 pm


a responsible Department Head. reports directly to Room Division
Manager or Resident Manager. In accordance with policies and procedures
of Aston Bandung Hotel and Residence administers direct supervision over
all staffs assigned to Department. He/She has direct responsibility for
administration and maintenance of an effective training program for all
Laundry and dry cleaning employees. Coordinates activities and performs
all administrative duties to achieve and maintain operations at the
highest degree of efficiency. and maximum control of operating cost.


1.Reports directly to Room Division Manager or Resident Manager.

2.Interacts and cooperates with subordinates and other Outlet Managers or Department Heads, based on daily operation.

3.Interacts with guests as appropriate.

4.Interacts with Hotel Manager as required.



employment. discharge and discipline of Laundry and dry-clean employees
through consultation with Personnel Manager. and accordance with local
labor regulation.

2.Directly responsible for the administration
and maintenance of an effective and continuous program of training for
all Laundry employees.

3.Attending the Department Head meeting and open discussion if any operating problems.

4.Develops standard operating procedures for new task or charged conditions through the Manager's approval.

that all Laundry equipment's are properly maintained and in-efficient
operating condition. using the equipment's check list.

with the Housekeeper and F & B Outlet Managers to ensure that there
is enough supply of clean linen available at all times, particularly
during the peak occupancy periods.

7.Ensuring that the quantities of Laundry and Dr:C1eaning supplies are requested as per monthly estimation.

8.Prepares all necessary operating reports or monthly report and forwards to accounting Department by the end of the month.

comparisons of Laundry and Dry-Cleaning price list and costs of
products used in his/her Department with prices of comparable products.

Departmental personnel in accordance with projected occupancy and
business activity, to ensure utmost operating efficiency and minimum
payroll cost consistent with good service and quality.


11.Supervises the functions of all Laundry and Dry-Cleaning employees.

criticisms and instructions for correction of any practices which
deviate from accepted standard practices and procedures.

13.Regularly checks to ensure that washing formulas are being used in order, maintaining the highest possible quality of works.

daily inspections to ensure the quality of guest Laundry and
Dry-Cleaning, also house laundry works could be maintained to standard.

a high standard of work performance and attendance for all Laundry and
Dry Cleaning employees by constant supervision. and ensuring the
maintenance of this standard.
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