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Bài gửiTiêu đề: PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER   21st December 2010, 11:22 pm


the general guidance and supervision of the General Manager. and within
the limits established International Hotel policies. procedures and the
Marketing Director Public Relation Manual. promotes and maintains good
public relation in order to maintain the prestigious image of the hotel:
plans. directs. controls, coordinates and participates in all Public
Relations activities.


1.Reports directly to General Manager Marketing Director.

2.Communicates. Coordinates and cooperates with Executive Assistant Manager.

3.Sales. Banqueting, Personnel. Front Office, Guest Relations and other departments as appropriate.

4.Supervise Public Relations stair

5.Interacts with government and community leaders, opinion formers, the press and existing and potential clients.


a public relation program for the hotel based on its marketing goals.
Liaise with Marketing in targeting specific markets and developing the
public relation strategies to reach these markets.

media contacts. plans press conferences and other press activities. Acts
as hotel's liaison with media to promote good publicity and counteract
bad publicity.

3.Develops and organized promotional activities.
coordinates with departments concerned invites VIP's and media to
promotional activities: prepares and issues press releases.

sales leads from the study of magazines. newspapers and from personal
contacts: coordinates sales leads with Banqueting and Sales Departments.

5.Disseminates corporate press releases to appropriate local trade and consumer media.

6.Establishes a program for sending to trade publications on a regular basis releases covering special events, promotions. etc.

promotional press releases on personalities among guests and employees
of the hotel and on newsworthy events in the hotel.

information to other departments on activities within and outside the
hotel which may be useful when dealing with guests.

annual Public Relations goals and budget: in corporation with Sales
Manager prepares working plans to carry - out goals: compares actual
achievements against goals and takes corrective action.

10.Accepts client and media complaints. requests. and inquiries and coordinates handling with departments concerned.

11.Supervises and directs photographers commissioned to take pictures of VIP’s. show. etc.

12.Coordinates all activities with the Director of Marketing.

good public relations by extending personalized service to VIP's e.g
following up on reservations for VIP's, assisting in greeting VIP's and
groups upon their arrival.

14.Coordinates guest list and invitations for VIP receptions, luncheons, dinners. Etc.

clipping files pertaining to the hotel (s) based on daily perusa1 of
the media and provides same to General Manager. other departments. other
hotels. corporate public relation Best Western International as

16.Maintains mailing list / contact file.

17.Maintains photo file.

18.Training activities as required.

19.Establishes and maintains effective employee relations.

20.Performs related duties ad special projects as assigned,


1.College degree or equivalent experience.

2.Minimum of one year previous experience in Public Relations department. preferably in a same class hotel.

management abilities including. but not limited to following: decision
making process, human relations. leadership and motivation,
organizational ability.

4.Effective verbal and written communication skills.
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