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 CONCIERGE position

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for the entire operation of the Uniform Service and Information
Section, supervises the staffs to maintain the high quality of services,
activities, policies and procedures.


1.Reports directly to Front Office Manager/Room Division Manager.

2.Assistant Managers, Bell Captain. Guest Relations. Telephone Operators, Reception.

3.All Department Heads or Executive Management.


1.Preparation of work schedules for the Concierge desk taking into consideration projected occupancy and group movements.

2.Implementation of procedures ( and supervision) relating to tasks undertaken by the concierge desk.

3.Responsible for the training of all concierge staff.

and maintaining useful contacts with tour companies, restaurants and
other facilities, will assist in obtaining reservations on behalf of

5.Having a complete knowledge of the hotel its food and
beverage outlets, conference and banquet facilities, general layout and
working relationship between departments.

6.Being knowledge about
the city - restaurants, theaters, shopping, cinemas, transport systems,
sporting facilities, banks, consulate and special events, special
venues of importance.

7.Responsible for the arranging of tour bookings.

8.Handling all outgoing guest mail, messages, telexes, facsimiles and special deliveries.

9.Responsible for the handling of all incoming guest mail, messages, telexes, facsimiles and special deliveries.

the" outside" errands required by guests e.g. collection of theater
tickets, parcel delivery, luggage /shoes repair etc.

order and security of guests keys and other selected keys kept in the
Front Office. Ensuring keys are issued to the right guest and correctly
slotted when returned. Also that the weekly key inventory is done and
the necessary keys are ordered from Engineering.

12.To ensure
that all concierge staff are aware of hotel policies and procedures and
are kept up to date and current memos, hotel activities and special

13.To be aware of emergency procedures and report anything which may be considered a safety or health hazard immediately.

14.Ensure that logbook is signed daily and that all current notices and briefings are read.

15.Supervise staff and ensure that they adhere to proper roster and standards of grooming and discipline expected of them.

16.To Liaise with Guest Relations Manager on daily basis about VIP guest arriving at the hotel.

17.To be aware of what is going on In and Outside the hotel.

18.To have sufficient knowledge of hotel functions so as to pass on information to inquiring guests.

19.Attend morning briefings, weekly meetings as well as any special meetings.

20.Attend functions inside and outside the hotel in official capacity as the" Chief Concierge" of the hotel.

21.Handling of any problems associated with guests.

22.Inspects the equipment used by uniformed service are in good order and report to Front Office Manager if any irregularities.

23.To arrange the parking space for the Long Staying Guests.

24.To check the cleanliness and the safety of guest's luggage stored at the baggage room.

addition to all duties mentioned above, the concierge shall carry out
to the best of his ability the duties entrusted to him by the Front
Office Manager or his designate at any given time.
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CONCIERGE position
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