Một con chim én không thể làm nên mùa xuân, mời các bạn chung tay đóng góp bài viết về Qui trình nghiệp vụ hoặc Bài viết chuyên môn, nhằm làm phong phú thêm kho tài liệu chuyên môn quản lý khách sạn. Xin đừng thụ động, đừng đứng ngoài lề, ai biết chuyên môn nào thì tham gia chuyên môn đó, có kinh nghiệm lĩnh vực nào thì tham gia lĩnh vực đó, không chuyên môn, không kinh nghiệm thì cùng online để ủng hộ Vietnam Hoteliers
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: RESERVATION MANAGER   21st December 2010, 11:30 pm


General Job Performance of reservation staff implementing of policies
and procedures under guidance of Front Office Manager, training,
responsible and perform any other duties might requested by Front Office
Manager or Room Division Manager.


1.Reports directly to Front Office Manager.

2.Interact and cooperate with Sales, Reception, Guest Relations, Banquet, Accounting and Housekeeping.


1.Responsible to Front Office Manager and Room Division Manager.

2.Having knowledge of entire Reservation Procedure according to International Hotel manual system.

3.Responsible for Hotel and Local Reservations and Reservation - Links to Best Western World Wide.

4.Handling of correspondences, sorted - out letters, telexes, fax, cables which are checked already by Front Office Manager.

5.Allocate daily tasks to Reservations staff .

6.Review reservation booked daily.

7.Review arrival report daily.

8.Responsible for preparation of occupancy forecast.

9.Responsible for training staff.

10.Responsible for implementation of policies and procedures.

11.Responsible for recording Company/Travel Agent Rates both in system and correspondence file.

12.Liase with Sales Department in regards to occupancy, Rates Reservation's Analysis.

13.Identify Top Producing Accounts ensure proper recognition by Reservation staff

14.Responsible for various Production reports and supply to each department concerned.

15.Monitoring Telephone Manner and general performance of reservations staff daily.

16.Ensure special handling of repeats guest and very VIP guest.

17.Review room blocking for Long Stay. Suites and special group request.

18.Supervising of Group Reservations.

19.Maintain cordial relations with commercial clients.

20.Bring to the attention Front Office Manager when the hotel availability status be changed and prepare for necessary action.

21.Responsible for work schedule

22.Responsible for maintaining a Neat and Orderly position at all times.

In general, perform any other duties might requested by Front Office Manager or Room Division Manager.
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