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 Front Office Manager

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Front Office Manager   30th June 2010, 11:14 pm

Responsible for planning, directing, controlling, coordinating and participating in all Front Office activities to maximize revenue from room sales and ensure guest satisfaction with accommodation and services
Careful and selective hiring of staff members to guarantee a good working environment and high standard of services
To achieve a high level of guest satisfaction and consistency and efficiency in service and politeness among the members of the staff
To minimize expenses and to maximize Room Revenue by up selling
Up keeping and following up on Policies and Procedures Manual
To direct, control, coordinate, activities of personnel engaged in such activities as:
- Receiving, processing and confirming room reservations
-Selling, registering and assigning room to incoming guests
- Giving general information and aid and handling out keycards to guests
- Carrying baggage of and escorting guests and soliciting business at the airport
- Meeting and sending off guest and soliciting business at the airport
To see to it that these activities are properly carried out t ensure guest satisfaction with accommodations services
Coordinating with Housekeeping, Accounting, Food & Beverage, Security and other departments concerned in handling guest requests, inquiries and complaints regarding accommodations, service, security matter and billing
Preparation of annual Front Office goals, monthly forecast of occupancy, to develop working plans to carry goals and forecast, to compare actual achievement against goals periodically and to take necessary corrective actions
To prepare monthly and yearly Front Office budget based on statistics of previous years, industry and economic trends, estimates of operating expenses and other pertinent data, with Sales Director and others
Preparation of all Front Office reports, schedules, requisitions, etc
On the job training, according to established procedures, and to conduct training meetings to discuss problems, to give instructions and assignments, etc
To develop and implement procedures to govern Front Office activities, see to it that Front Office staff understands and adhere to approved standard policies and procedures of the Hotel
To authorize the acceptance of cash advances, rebates, refund of deposits, paid-out, rate/room changes, release of airline crew allowances etc on the basis of established procedures, amount, identity of guest or person involved and availability of higher supervision, if necessary
Inspecting predetermined number of guest rooms daily to determine whether these are properly maintained
To implement hotel discount policies, to recommend approval of credit accommodations and decide whether to upgrade guests accommodation to promote and maintain good public relations
To ensure the enforcement of all house policies, rules and regulations pertaining to Front Office activities
Attending to reservations and registration of VIP guests
To direct, supervise and coordinate the activities of the telephone operators and to ensure the proper maintenance, repair and use of all telephone and fax equipment and facilities
To ensure that the investigation of irregularities and undesirable guests and the checking of room occupancy discrepancies are properly conducted
Regular spot checks on employees’ performance and to correct mistakes and inadequacies
Receiving and greeting VIPs and to escort them to their rooms, and to attend to their inquiries, requests and needs
Flying flags to be always in good conditions
Background music according to established schedule
Daily briefing with Chief Security and to ensure adequate manning in each shift. Irregularities to be brought to the General Manager’s attention and in his absence to the Resident Manager
To liaise with the local police and respective authorities for any arrival of a high ranking or political Hotel guests
To ensure professional and friendly service at the Business Centre to keep the Business Centre clean at all time
To maintain a climate of trust and team spirit through out the operation
Daily staff briefings with Public Relations staff and Director of Sales & Marketing
All staff in proper uniforms with nametags and proper grooming
To ensure staff are fully aware of employee’s Handbook, “Knowing Your Product”, as well as Fire & Emergency Procedures
Staff Rosita to correspond with the business and to have enough staff on duty
Providing excellent self discipline, gains respect from all and inspires good team work
Leading by example
Staff to be kept at a constant high level of motivation
To attain and follow up on any guest complaints
Corrective actions to be taken immediately to prevent future recurrence of any guest complaints
Guest suggestions have to be listened to and brought to the General Manager’s
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Front Office Manager
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