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 Executive Housekeeper

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To look over the Housekeeping and Laundry Department, control cost, organize the work tasks, to control and distribute Shifts and Duties, conducting Training Sessions and to ensure the set Standard of Service are always met

The prime objective is to achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction amongst guests and consistency, efficiency and politeness amongst the members of staff
Careful and selective hiring of new staff members to guarantee a good working environment and high standard of service
To be cost conscious, without creating discomfort to the guests
Housekeeper has to be thoroughly familiar with the Hotel’s Policy & Procedure, ”Knowing Your Product” Booklet , Fire Emergency Manual as well as Employees Handbook (House Rules)
Supervises consistency of established quality standards
To ensure that the furniture , fixtures and decoration in Guest Rooms and Public areas are in perfect order
To maintain the appropriate co-ordination with other Departments, especially Front Office and Maintenance Department
To ensure that cleaning products are used correctly
Encourages constant training and being actively involved in training sessions
To conduct meetings to discuss problems and future plans, to give information and assignments
To organize and delegate to Linen Supervisor the distribution of Hotel Linen and Uniforms
Strict control system of Master keys
Informing General Manager of any incidents that occur within the Department and Guest Room, that require special attention
To delegate duties to concerned Supervisors to achieve optimum performance levels
To approve working schedules and applications for leave
To control lost Property as per policy
Interview and performance review to be conducted by Supervisors first, with final approval from Housekeeper. To prepare appropriate Form according to Human Resources Policy and Procedure
To review, submit and follow up on Maintenance Resorts
To follow up on ROMA ( Room Maintenance) Program with bi-weekly Room Inspections with Maintenance Department)
To prepare Monthly Resorts and explain major variances between Budgeted and Actual Expenses
Designing the cleaning program and to organize the cleaning of Public Areas and Back of the House(including Staff Locker Rooms and Back Corridor),to cause the least possible inconvenience to Hotel guest and employees
To follow up on Banquet Event Orders and to ensure cleanliness in the Function areas
To control window cleaning and Pest Control schedule
Flower arrangement to look fresh throughout the Hotel
To approve Store requisitions and to control par stock levels . Par stock levels should be the same at the beginning and at the end of each month . Stock levels to be kept at a minimum
Strict control of all Housekeeping expenses
Good planning of Linen and Uniform orders, in conjunction with Laundry Manager and Linen Supervisor
To supervise the performance of Linen and Uniform inventories
To inspect daily a certain number of guest room, especially those rooms assigned to special guests and VIPs
To review Room Inspection Forms and take appropriate action
To keep up to date inventory list for each Guest Room
Set day/week for special assignments ( turning Mattresses, defrosting Mini Bars, washing of curtains, etc.)
Refreshment training of Fire & Emergency
To supervise the duties of the Public Areas Supervisor, Floor Supervisor, Linen Supervisor, Senior Housekeeping Supervisor and Laundry manager
Updating , up keeping and replacement of all printed materials, including flyers, Newsletter and Guest Service Directory
To prepare Housekeeping expenses and manning Guide for next Year’s Budget
Preparations of annual Housekeeping goals and Budget and to develop plans to carry out goals . To compare actual achievement against goals periodically and to take necessary and corrective action
To supervise the Mini Bar operation and to liaise with Food & Beverage Department regarding selection. F&B Director to be Director to be briefed on expiry dates of items
To maintain a climate of trust and team spirit through out the operation
Daily staff briefings regarding activities in the Hotel, Guest complaints, etc
All staff in proper uniforms with nametags and correct grooming
Staff Rosita to correspond with the business and to have enough staff on duty
To teach staff correct manners and guest approach as well as basic English
Part time staff and trainees to wear uniforms
Good relationship with employees is evident, without favoritisms
Providing excellent self discipline, gains respect from all and inspires good team work
Leading by example
Staff to be kept at a constant high level of motivation
To give respect to gain respect
To maintain good relationship with other Departments


Special attention to be given to VIP guest
To attain and follow up on any guest complaints
Corrective actions to be taken immediately to prevent future recurrence of any guest complaints
Guest suggestions have to be listened to and brought to the General Manager’s attention
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Executive Housekeeper
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