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Under the general direction of the General Manager or his delegate, and within the limits of established Resort policies & procedures, oversees and directs all aspects of the Personnel Operation. The HRl Manager also provides a professional and caring personnel service to all management and staff, and assists in the profitability of the hotel whilst ensuring the welfare of all.

Report directly to General Manager.

Interact with Union.
Liaises with individuals outside the hotel including, but not limited to, employee benefits representatives, attorney, applicants, government officials, colleges and universities, competitors and other members of the local community.
Co-ordinates functions and activities with other executives and departmental heads.


Manages Personnel Department, ensuring compliance with all Sunrise policies and procedures, and current local and government regulations pertaining to employment practices.
Actively participate in the development and preparation of the Hotel’s Strategic Plan, Manning Guide, Salary Budget, Training Plan.
Prepares and ensures effective utilization of the Human Resources and related Budgets.
Maintains and continually reviews Human Resources policies, procedures and practices, updating and /or recommending improvements as appropriate to the Management.
Ensures clear lines of communication exist to disseminate information affecting employer-employee relations, employee activities and hotel policies and programs.
Prepares and submits periodic reports for management’s use in accordance with Sunrise Beach Resort and government requirements, such as turnover reports, personnel inventories, absenteeism reports, health and safety, accident reports etc.
Maintains and updates files on employee records, legal documents and other Personnel matters, efficiently and confidentiality.
Maintains effective communications at all levels of management and staff.
To assist in maintaining and creating a positive atmosphere within the hotel that allows for open two way communication that ensures morale and productivity reach the highest possible levels.
Develops and implements recruiting and screening system and procedures in order to attract qualified candidates for position vacancies.
Monitors the administration of the Performance Appraisal Program and acts in an advisory capacity to hotel department heads on the process.
Participates in the Management Development and Succession Planning by recommending candidates as appropriate.
Regularly analyses hotel manpower requirements and recommends selection and development activities to meet those requirements.
Counsel hotel personnel as needed in areas such as career planning, training and development, employee /personal relations and legal issues related to personnel.
Ensures applicable laws, regulations, Sunrise Beach Resort policies and procedures, and Collective Bargain Agreements are followed in relation to Grievance and Disciplinary procedures. Consults with Department Heads on appropriate actions and recommends to management final action to be taken.
Implements and monitors an effective employee relations and welfare program in the hotel. Ensures all staff are aware of company benefits and make these available
Participates in developing and implementing programs to ensure employee security and safety.
Contributes to the development and implementation improved methods of work and better utilization of staff in all areas.
Ensures all staff facilities are maintained in good order and cleanliness.
Deals with all problems relating to individuals in an understanding, caring and confidential manner. Establishes and maintains effective staff relations.
Reviews hotel benefits and compensation levels in comparison with service sector competitors and makes recommendations to ensure the hotel remains competitive within the local employment market as appropriate.
Monitors present and future trends, practices and systems in the personnel field and makes recommendations as appropriate.
Serves as a member of the Union negotiating team and actively participates in the establishment Collective Bargain Agreements. Oversees the implementation and administration of Collective Bargain Agreements.
Maintains hotel Disciplinary Procedures, conducts disciplinary meetings and completes the necessary documentation as necessary.
Ensures that all staff abides by the hotel dress codes and hotel rules.
Recruits new staff within Hotel and local government guidelines.
Handles pre-employment administration which includes, but not limited to, placing staff vacancy advertisements, maintaining a current Personal Requisition for each current vacancy required to be filled, all correspondence and telephone calls to arrange initial interviews.
Screens and interviews applicants, appropriately, not necessary limit to candidates for existing vacancies, but speculative applications and makes recommendations.
Verify all request for transfer and explain policies regarding transfers to any associate requesting information/transfer
Responsible for advertising vacancies and for monitoring these costs.
Maintains a file of all current job descriptions and person specification, and actively uses these when recruiting.
Conducts any hotel agreed pre-interview / employment aptitude test.
Prepared all necessary information in advance for the Welcome Wagon: housing, hospital, community services, public transportation systems, benefits provided, departmental organization chart, papers requested for work permit.
Analyses training needs in the hotel and ensures the preparation and implementation of training plans to meet needs highlighted. Participates in developing and implementing various training and development programs to meet identified needs and ensures guest service quality, profit enhancement and staff security and safety
Develops annual training plans and prepares monthly reports to the General Manager and regional Director of Training.
Verify Departmental training plans for each department
Conducts hotel orientation to the Company and Hotel standards.
Compiles the hotel’s training budget and controls expenditure on a monthly basis.
Reviews training policies, procedures and practices and recommends improvement to Management.
Conducts first – line supervisory training in basic management skills in accordance with the Personnel manager’s Manual.
Monitors present and future trends, practices and systems in the training field and makes recommendations relating thereto.
Maintains the Policies and Procedures of the Hotel and the company.
Walk through all department at least once a day to check all staff’s appearance in proper uniform with name badge
Verify all information, announcement before putting on Hotel Notice Board
Responsibility for organizing annual associates party and maintain the recognition program such as: shining moments, employee of the month, honesty awards, 100% attendance, guest compliment letters
Approve application forms for leave for staff with Assistant level to rank and files.
Verify monthly departmental attendance record and pay roll and make initial approval before forwarding to Accounting Department
Participate in Committee of Annual salary review for rank and files.
Be familiar with the property's Fire and Emergency Program. Hold a formal meeting to practice emergency procedures every quarter. Test staff regularly on safety and emergency procedures.
Establish Safety and Health Committee
Performs related duties and special projects as assigned.
Contributes towards regional activities as directed.


Well-groomed, neat and tidy at work
Strictly comply the Hotel regulation and Employee Handbook
Implement GM’s instruction and assignment.
Follow communication lines and report lines.
Maintain Sunrise standards of service quality and performance standards
Believe in teamwork, cooperate with colleagues.
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