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Bài gửiTiêu đề: FINANCIAL CONTROLLER   10th July 2010, 12:09 am


Under the administrative supervision of the General Manager and within the limits of SBR policy and procedure and local requirements, is responsible for all hotel accounting and financial controls


Reports administratively and functionally to the General Manager and Star Hotels Group President.


Supervises directly or indirectly all members of the Accounting Departments.
Provides functional guidance to Executive Committee and Department Heads.
Interacts with hotel’s legal counsel, insurance companies, tax consultants, auditors, commercial and government banks.


Assists and provides financial guidance in the formulation and implementation of Strategic Plan, Budget and Goals Program.
Maximizes cash flow performance of the hotel through controls on inventory, credit and collection, disbursements, deposits and remittances.
Enforces, documents and establishes adequate controls for all revenues ad expenses and protection of assets and ensures controls will satisfy or improve the level of guest service.
Maintains accurate and timely financial and operating information and provides analyses, interpretations, and projections, to management as required.
Provides administrative support to Management with reference to policy enforcement, business advice and operational assistance.
Identifies training needs, develops formal training plans and conducts training sessions for accounting and operational staff in coordination with other departments.
Identifies staff with potential for promotion and/ or transfer within Accounting operation.
Conducts such functions as interviewing, hiring, orientation, performance, appraisal, coaching, counseling and suspending if necessary, to ensure appropriate staffing and productivity. Consults with Personnel Manager and General Manager as appropriate.
Establishes and maintains effective employee relations.
Obtains appropriate legal counsel regarding the business practices of the hotel and maintains an awareness of local laws, rules and regulations.
Provides safekeeping, including proper storage and access for all contracts, leases and other financial records.
Follows up on all capital expenditures to ensure compliance with original justification and approval.
Participates in local recognized professional and industry organizations.
Recommends and maintains appropriate list of delegation of authority for hotel management.
Conducts monthly inspections and tests to ensure all departments are complying with required procedures.
Performs those duties required by the controls checklist issued by the SBR standard.
Reviews prices and recommends changes to the General Manager.
Maintains professional and technical competence.
Implements and maintains acceptable accounting practices and procedures as per SBR policy ad procedures, generally accepted accounting practices, and as affected by local conditions.
Reviews min/ max for food/ beverage/ general inventory, tries to reduce inventory value and eliminate slow moving items and remove spoiled items if any.
Reviews of operating equipment stores to avoid unnecessary/ excessive purchases and to eliminate (or at least be aware) of obsolete slow moving items.
Assists other department heads with preparation of financial information i.e. prepare easy programs for F& B/ Front Office to track their sales or to forecast or prepare budgets.
Ensures all accounts are reconciles on monthly basis and review reconciliation.
Performs related duties and special projects as assigned.


Well-groomed, neat and tidy at work
Strictly comply the Hotel regulation and Employee Handbook
Implement Department Head’s instruction and assignment.
Follow communication lines and report lines.
Maintain Sunrise standards of service quality and performance standards
Believe in teamwork, cooperate with colleagues.
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