Một con chim én không thể làm nên mùa xuân, mời các bạn chung tay đóng góp bài viết về Qui trình nghiệp vụ hoặc Bài viết chuyên môn, nhằm làm phong phú thêm kho tài liệu chuyên môn quản lý khách sạn. Xin đừng thụ động, đừng đứng ngoài lề, ai biết chuyên môn nào thì tham gia chuyên môn đó, có kinh nghiệm lĩnh vực nào thì tham gia lĩnh vực đó, không chuyên môn, không kinh nghiệm thì cùng online để ủng hộ Vietnam Hoteliers
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 FO Supervisor

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Under the general guidance and supervision the Front Office Manager and within the limits of established Resort policies and procedures, responsibility for supervising and participating in all activities pertaining to the Front Desk such as room assignment, guest check-in/out, key all guest information to system, handling guest’s complaints…etc.


Report directly to the Front Office Manager.
HOD: Front Office Manager


Provides supervision to Reception desk personnel.
Interacts and co-operates with hotel guest as appropriate.
Interacts and co-operates with other Front Office sections, other Departments in hotel as appropriate


Supervises and participates in all activities related to the process of rooming guest.
Ensures that all guests receive a warm and courteous welcome upon check-in
Supervises and coordinates room assignment with concerned Front Office sections and other Department
Ensures that all guests are advised of their room numbers and room rates
Ensures that next destination sales are promoted upon check-in
Promotes hotel facilities efficiently
Handles complaints with immediate action and thorough follow up
Ensures that information is passed to every one accurate and clear
Handles guest needs inquires and requests promptly
Prepares and submits all required statistical reports on a timely basic
Ensures that room status is accurate and updated
Ensures that room rate is accurate and updated if changed
Ensures that guest information is keyed in the hotel system as well as Police’s system and files guest’s correspondence accurately
Makes necessary arrangements for group check-in
Provides input for departmental meetings
Maintains and controls usage of registration cards, stationary, paper…etc. as well as to reduce cost and expensive
Acts as sales person in order to maximize room revenue and MOD’s revenue
Identifies departmental training needs and conducts training
Establishes and maintains effectives employee relations
Records all incident happened in the Supervisor’s logbook during duty shift
Complies with hotels health, safety and hygiene
Other administrative related
Performs related duties and special projects as assigned


Well-groomed, neat and tidy at work
Strictly comply the Hotel regulation and Employee Handbook
Implement Department Head’s instruction and assignment.
Follow communication lines and report lines.
Maintain hotel standards of service quality and performance standards
Believe in teamwork, cooperate with colleagues.
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FO Supervisor
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